Private healthcare cover – Partner with the professionals

When it comes to the private healthcare cover, the financial sector can be confusing, and you may need guidance through this complex maze. At Efficient Wealth, we understand that your wealth cannot be separated from your health; your physical well-being plays an integral part in your financial welfare. While you might be financially secure and physically fit, prevention is still better than cure.

Unfortunately, we also know that healthcare is not always placed as a priority in many people’s financial portfolios. However, neglecting to address decent medical aid, hospital plans, or dreaded disease cover for you and your family could lead to financial ruin if you are forced to pay from your cash reserves.

Why should you let the team of healthcare consulting specialists at Efficient Wealth assist you?

One of the reasons that individuals delay the process is that, with hundreds of healthcare service providers offering their individual cost and benefit structures, the choice of a suitable provider  is becoming increasingly complex and confusing. For these reasons and more, the search for the right provider with the right benefits has been made all the more time-consuming.

It is difficult to choose the right healthcare options that align perfectly with your individual needs and which offer sufficient cover. Our team of healthcare cover advisors can assist with most of the schemes and options in the market and also with the after-service on claims and the understanding of benefits.


Addressing the hand-in-glove solution through Efficient Healthcare Consulting

Through Efficient Healthcare Consulting, Efficient does the hard work for you, so that you do not have to. They provide an in-depth analysis of multiple medical aid schemes, hospital plans, and gap cover options. These comparative reports provide you with a clear picture of contrasting costs and the benefits of the various alternatives open to you. This empowers you to make educated, informed choices to meet your healthcare cover needs.


They offer specific and relevant advice on options, which include a comprehensive comparative analysis on :

  • Hospital plan benefit comparisons
  • Medical aid benefit comparisons
  • Gap cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Individual administrative support
  • Travel insurance