Investment Management vs. Wealth Management

While investment management is an important segment of financial planning and overall wealth management, wealth managers take a more holistic view of a client’s financial health. Our expert financial planners at Efficient Wealth are proven leaders in the financial industry in South Africa. We specialise in wealth and investment management. With this in mind, in this article, we will explain how the two professions differ and why you may need the professional services of both.

Wealth Management vs. Investment Management

Wealth managers take a comprehensive approach that is specifically beneficial to high-net-worth individuals, companies, and large and complex estate needs. Given their holistic approach, they follow substantial processes that consider all aspects of your financial health.

Wealth management involves a complete understanding of every aspect of your financial needs, requirements, and goals. The wealth management process offers a fully customised solution designed to achieve your financial goals and manage your finances in such a way that it reduces your financial stress.

Wealth managers may monitor your financials and accounts regularly and they will dedicate their time to monitoring and constantly reviewing your financial preparation plan, frequently tapping into the advice they receive from financial segment specialists like investment managers, tax accountants, lawyers, and others. As your financial needs mature and your life changes, the management of your wealth does too, and it is these adjustments that are holistically managed that make wealth management consultants worth employing.

In managing your investment portfolio, an investment manager may follow more traditional industry practices. However, a wealth manager might suggest more bespoke or individually-designed strategies to achieve their client’s financial goals and well-being.


Investment Management and What it Entails    

Investment management is a profession that focuses entirely on investment portfolios. These professionals will work closely with your wealth manager, considering your financial goals in line with your risk tolerance. They will rebalance your portfolio and advise on making adjustments as your tolerance for risk becomes less the closer you get to retirement age.

When it comes to investment management, we at Efficient Wealth have cut through the clutter, bringing a calculated calmness to all our investment calibrations. The investment environment offers a wide range of investment options, each with its own risk, return, term, tax, and legal characteristics. Whilst busy accruing your wealth, you will want to know that a trained professional is overseeing your assets, cash availability, and other investments.

Efficient Wealth has access to globally renowned, cutting-edge technology. Through this and in unison with our specialist investment management affiliates and third-party investment-management specialists, we can offer an entire inventory of investment options that will suit all your needs.


Why You Should Consider Efficient Wealth

Bringing your entire wealth portfolio under one roof, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing investment portfolio. We will analyse your risk profile and compile an incisive investment strategy that will suit your investment objectives and future needs. We will actively manage your investment plan in partnership with a specialist certified wealth manager for the duration of your lifespan and beyond.

We consider changes to your lifestyle and your personal circumstances, and we will continue to take note of these changes and adjust your investments accordingly while responding to factors influencing the overall investment environment.

Broaden your financial horizons, compare our services to others, and contact us at Efficient Wealth.