Expert financial advisors: 5 ways they can help your small business thrive

Are you thinking of opening a small business? Partnering with an expert financial advisor can set you on your way toward financial success. In the beginning, it is about being passionate about your products and services, gaining and retaining customers, ordering stock, and a plethora of other things seemingly more important than balancing the books.

Opening a new business, or trying to manage an existing one, presents a veritable minefield of challenges that you need to overcome. It can be an overwhelming conundrum, a feeling similar to going on an African safari without sorting out the logistics or retaining an experienced professional to guide you.

However, the advice of professional financial advisors will make the challenges less daunting and, through the services that they offer, you can implement practices to grow your business.

In this article, we will explain a few services that we offer and why you may need them for your business:

5 Services Offered through Our Professional Financial Consultants

Being self-employed is liberating. However, one of the few cons is that you are solely responsible for your financial health and well-being. You need to provide for insurance, staff wages, and a host of other financial responsibilities, while saving towards retirement. A suitably qualified financial consultant supported by a team of seasoned professionals would seamlessly meet your requirements and offer:


  1. Financial Planning – A financial consultant can assist you develop a financial plan for yourself and your business and keep you focussed on the long-term benefits. With saving and investing for your retirement, the sooner you start and the longer you invest, the better.
  1. Cash Management – At Efficient Wealth, our cash-management services are available through our certified financial planners who can give you advice on term structures and the investment alternatives that suit you and your business.
  1. Business Assurance – It is vital that self-employed business owners have the correct business assurance and insurance products. There is a wide variety of these products available and selecting the appropriate ones for your business is critical. Allow our team to source the best services for you.
  1. Employee Benefits – It is critical that the range of benefits your business offers will attract and retain a loyal staff complement. Employee benefits and umbrella funds can be a minefield on their own though. Implementation and maintenance costs can vary significantly if you do not know where to look.
  1. Succession Planning and Fiduciary Services – Fiduciary services are one of the most neglected aspects of being a business owner. Our Board of Executors provide you with access to extensive capabilities and expertise in trust and executorship services, as well as comprehensive succession-planning services.


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