Comparing Business-related vs. Personal Financial Services

Business-related vs. Personal Financial Services

For your business, Efficient Wealth’s business-related financial services involve managing your income revenue streams, cash management accounts for debts, assets and liabilities. Business  assurance and fiduciary services also ensure that your business can continue even if you are not there anymore. Personal financial services on the other hand involve your financial security and the financial security of your family and loved ones. This could entail everything from expert advice on immediate budgeting adjustments and short-term insurance, to planning for a baby, dread disease and medical cover, retirement planning, and life assurance.

Competent, expert financial services for your personal and business ventures can help you to get a head start on your and your family’s financial well-being. The right time to seek advice on these sometimes-complicated, ever-changing financial decisions is always now. So, whether you are just starting out, re-assessing your liquidity or simply reaching a stage where you would like your money to start working for you, it is time to consider partnering with the trusted financial experts at Efficient Wealth.

Financial Services that Count – Right From the Start

Although financial services cover a broad range of aspects, it could be summarised into five clearly defined areas:

  • How much do you earn in total (including all revenue streams) after tax?
  • How much do you spend and what do you spend it on?
  • How much of your money do you save and are you building an emergency cash reserve?
  • What investments do you already have (including policies and assets)?
  • Do you have insurance and protection against all eventualities?

Establish a financial plan that encompasses these five crucial areas right from the start. Do not leave it too late. Instead, allow Efficient Wealth to analyse your and your family’s current financial position, establish short-, mid- and long-term goals and objectives, and execute a plan which fulfils your wants, needs and desires within your budget while foregrounding your financial well-being.


Keeping Business and Personal Finances Separate

It is important to include both your personal finances and your professional or company turnover in your financial planning exercises. This will determine your goals in terms of where you are now and where you wish to be five, 10 or 20 years from now while planning your retirement and beyond.

However, it is vital to keep these two entities separate when it comes to bank accounts, investments, assets and, most importantly, income and taxes. At Efficient Wealth, we offer professional financial services that comprehensively cover your company’s financial health and other professional activities. These include but are not exclusive to:


  • Business assurance
  • Cash flow and cash management services
  • Employee benefits
  • Stockbroking
  • Fiduciary services
  • Portfolio management services
  • Investment management
  • Online and individual in-person trading advice
  • Tax-efficient investments
Choose Right the First Time

The expert, certified professionals at Efficient Wealth offer a range of products and financial services that best suit you, our client. Our core purpose is to deliver financial planning, investment management expertise and expert financial services all under one roof.

We aim to provide you with integrated planning solutions structured appropriately to address your diverse needs, requirements and expectations. We tend to your personal and business needs through our specialised team of professionals, portfolio managers and affiliated national and international partners. Choose right the first time. Efficient Wealth – it’s what we do!