5 Types of Financial Professionals and How They Can Assist You

There are many different types of financial professionals, each with their own speciality, background and area of expertise to assist with almost all financial challenges. Even if it is not impossible for individuals to successfully manage their money on their own (despite constantly changing money markets and complicated financial decisions like when to invest or not), the value of professional expert advice should not be underestimated.

Many people spend too much, invest too little or simply need guidance and advice to get the most value out of their money. Financial professionals that are trustworthy and competent can be relied upon to assist you with almost any financial advice. The leaders in financial planning and wealth management at Efficient Wealth, discuss the types of financial professionals and how they might assist you.

Five Types of Financial Professionals and What They Can Do for You

  1. Financial Consultants: Also known as financial coaches, these professionals assist you with short-term financial adjustments. They can assist you if you need immediate advice and adjustments to your finances, owing to the arrival of a new baby or additional studies for career advancement. A financial consultant may be employed for a short period to assist in making changes to the way you spend your money.
  2. Financial Planners: These are professionals who are with you for the long run. They understand your short-, mid- and long-term goals and assist you in meeting these objectives. They create an action plan for you to get the best return on your money over many years. They will concentrate on a holistic approach to your finances from immediate financial stability and short-term insurance to retirement plans and fiduciary services.
  3. Investment Advisors: To get the most out of your money, these financial gurus will advise you and sometimes manage your investment portfolio. An investment advisor will work with your financial planners to give you the best advice on your investments, stocks, bonds and unit trusts. They will manage your risk profile and diversify your finances to ensure that you do not take unnecessary risks.
  1. Tax Advisors: Your tax accountant will work with you to ensure that your government taxes are kept in order. Experienced tax advisors will guide you through the intricate web of tax law. They may even offer services that identify and implement tax-saving strategies and advise on various avenues of investment that will benefit you in the years to come. They may also assist in planning investments most beneficial for the purpose of tax deductions.
  1. Wealth Managers: If all goes well and your business or career is successful to the point that you need advice on how to responsibly spend your money, it might be advisable to employ the services of a wealth management Wealth managers will assist in ensuring that your capital investments remain the same while your overall wealth grows. Much like a financial planner, a wealth manager will be with you for the long term.


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