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Cash Deposit Management and Different Types of Cash-Management Servicesstee

Regardless of your investment horizon, investment goals, and risk profile, it is always advisable to have a liquid cash deposit management strategy. It is a wise choice to budget for a space in your investment portfolio for liquidity and physical cash that is available at short notice, or within a specifically acceptable time frame to adjust to your ever-changing needs and circumstances.

With effective cash deposit management, you can earn interest against cash that is otherwise lying dormant in a standard savings account. The returns on this cash will vary significantly over different time frames and depending on where the money is invested. Our skilled professionals at Efficient Wealth place emphasis on this to ensure that the liquid funds invested on your behalf achieve optimal returns.

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Why Consider Cash Management Services?

There are several things a person or company can do to improve the efficiency of receivables and payables. Implementing a strict cash management system is one of them. Cash management is the process of managing cash inflows and outflows. This process is important for individuals and businesses because cash is always the primary asset used to invest and to pay any liabilities. Managing cash flows effectively leads to higher working capital and better operating cash flow. The ultimate goal of cash management is to maximise liquidity and minimise debt.

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Expert financial advisors: 5 ways they can help your small business thrive

Are you thinking of opening a small business? Partnering with an expert financial advisor can set you on your way toward financial success. In the beginning, it is about being passionate about your products and services, gaining and retaining customers, ordering stock, and a plethora of other things seemingly more important than balancing the books.

Opening a new business, or trying to manage an existing one, presents a veritable minefield of challenges that you need to overcome. It can be an overwhelming conundrum, a feeling similar to going on an African safari without sorting out the logistics or retaining an experienced professional to guide you.

However, the advice of professional financial advisors will make the challenges less daunting and, through the services that they offer, you can implement practices to grow your business.

In this article, we will explain a few services that we offer and why you may need them for your business:

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Business Cash Management

Business Cash Management: Investments for Liquidity

Business cash management is essential to ensure your business is ready for growth and to mitigate risks. A good investment strategy makes provision for a percentage of the funds to be liquid for usage on short notice. That said, shorter-term investments don’t deliver the optimal returns of long-term, well-planned investments. The secret is to strike the right balance and invest wisely to ensure your portfolio includes investments for short notice use that also deliver superb returns. Read more