Short-Term Insurance

We set our sights on supplying short-term solutions that speak solely to your individual needs. No waste, no worry.

Although short-term, car, and household insurance is an extremely important aspect of financial planning and, ultimately, wealth protection, it’s often not adequately assessed in conjunction with the myriad other personal financial needs, and it seldom forms part of a comprehensive financial plan.

At Efficient Wealth, we believe that short-term insurance must be an integral part of protecting and preserving your financial well-being. We’ve partnered with Efficient Insure to ensure that our short-term insurance offering, includes a best-in-class risk analysis, assessment and pricing capabilities, to match the many needs of our clients, both personally and professionally.

We provide you with a comparative analysis of alternative cover options and quotations to accommodate your every need. We do this through our world-class electronic platform. This places you in a position to prudently assess a number of suitable short-term, car, and household insurance alternatives, with the freedom to find the solution that works best for you.

Our Offering:

  • Personal lines
  • Homeowner cover
  • Household cover
  • Car cover
  • All risks cover
  • Personal liability cover


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