Investment Management

We’ve reinvented investing to cut through the clutter, bringing a calculated calmness to all our investment calibrations.

The investment environment offers a bewildering wide range of investment options, each with their own risk, return, term, tax and legal characteristics. It’s a veritable minefield of multiple factors, requirements and types of investments – such as unit trust funds and share portfolios – and can be extremely difficult to navigate on your own. A single wrong turn can have a significant impact on the eventual outcome of any individual investment strategy.

Efficient Wealth, through access to our own specialist investment management affiliates, and via a wide range of third-party investment management specialists, offers an inventory of investment options to suit every investor. We provide for local and international investments across most asset classes and within a broad range of legal structures, catering for compulsory and discretionary investment funds.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing investment portfolio, and compile an incisive investment strategy to suit your specific risk profile, investment objectives and future needs. These investment plans are then actively managed in consultation with a specialist certified financial planner, on an ongoing basis over your life span. The management process is purpose-built to ensure that your portfolio structure is continually adjusted and tweaked to take note of changes to your personal circumstances and to respond to factors influencing the overall investment environment.

Our Offering:

  • Personal share portfolios
  • Wide range of approved unit trust funds
  • Wide range of approved funds of funds (FOF)
  • Managed and tax-efficient international investments
  • Multiple investment platforms for discretionary and compulsory funds


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