We understand that your wealth can’t be separated from your health, and your financial welfare can’t be separated from your physical well-being.

The healthcare matrix is becoming increasingly convoluted, with countless healthcare service providers offering their own cost and benefit structures. This has made it time-consuming and confusing for most individuals to choose the right healthcare option that aligns perfectly with their particular needs.

Because we truly understand the challenges of this time-wasting task, we’ve partnered with Efficient Med to ensure that your healthcare assessment and management needs are met through an ideal fit.

We provide an in-depth analysis of multiple medical aid, hospital plan and gap cover options. These comparative reports provide a clear picture of the contrastive costs and benefits of the various alternatives, empowering you to make an informed choice to meet your healthcare assessment and management needs.

Our Offering:

  • A comprehensive comparative analysis
  • Hospital plan benefit comparisons
  • Medical aid benefit comparisons
  • Gap cover
  • Administrative support


  • A single point of entry for multiple solutions
  • Accredited and qualified healthcare advisors
  • Independent and unbiased analysis
  • Ongoing review and relationship management process

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