Financial Planning

We see beyond ever-changing cycles, to ever-lasting certainty and security. We don’t make light of your money – because we know how hard you worked for it. And we aim to make more…from less.

Efficient and effective personal financial planning demands the accurate assessment of your immediate and future financial needs. This requires an intimate and intuitive understanding of the individual circumstances of you and your family, to ensure that every eventuality is catered for, and that your long-term wishes, goals and objectives are honoured, right from the start.

We’ve thus developed a comprehensive financial needs analysis system so that our highly qualified, certified force of financial planners has access to world-class technology – and we continually enhance our systems to accommodate the increasingly changing and challenging financial services environment.

This all-encompassing analysis is tailored to the evolving expectations and assumptions of each individual client and, together with the structured, sound advice of our financial advisors, culminates in a flexible and easily understood personal financial plan. Our financial advisors are handpicked for their professional qualifications, extensive experience and remarkable reputations, and they are perfectly positioned to provide you with a future-fit financial plan.

On top of this, our industry-leading client relationship management system offers a built-in, rigorous review process that is highly responsive to your changing circumstances over your lifetime.

Our Offering:

  • Immediate and future needs planning
  • Certified retirement planners
  • Disability and dreaded disease planning
  • Estate planning
  • Estate duty and capital gains tax
  • Income tax


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