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Argumente vir en teen ‘n rykdombelasting

Soos ons weet is die staat se finansies so diep in die moeilikheid dat dit moontlik reeds in ʼn skuldstrik is.

What to expect from petrol prices in 2021

As a South African, you probably cringed during the first week of February when you heard that petrol prices would increase by 81 cents and diesel prices by 58 cents. Unleaded 95 now costs R14.97 at the coast and R15.67 inland

Stiff-necked Americans and modern inflation

Trump is out, Biden is in. Based on the severe and frequent attacks on Trump as Biden’s inauguration approached, many were glad to see the former president go. As an objective observer, I am in two minds about it.

Welcome to 2021

British and European policymakers finally reached a deal, avoiding the bad-for-all case of a hard Brexit. All that is left to do now is iron out some of the wrinkles in the deal.

November Economics: Ending the year in euphoria

November started off with the United States (US) elections where it, at first, seemed as though Donald Trump might actually pull off the impossible, again.

Two reign supreme while many fail to follow

Both the British-based Oxford-AstraZeneca and American-based Pfizer are in the running to have Phase 3 human trials of their COVID-19 vaccine ready by the end of 2020.

September the turn and toil of biases

In a world riddled with noise and confusion, one can easily get lost. We reckon at this stage that you have heard more than a few stories about how poorly South Africa’s economy is doing and how we will never return to our former rainbow-nation glory.

August economics

Usually, those familiar with equity markets cringe their teeth when August comes along.
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