Why You Need Short-Term Insurance

Financial risks form part of life. Taking control of how you manage risks makes the difference between being prepared and falling victim to circumstances which you cannot control. Short-term insurance is an effective financial risk-mitigation method to help protect against excessive financial loss related to an unforeseen occurrence, which you cannot control.

Why Use a Financial Advisor?

The future is uncertain and may not be in your control, but you have the power to make provision for uncertainties. Mitigate risks by seeking expert help from a financial advisor to help you make the best use of your income for current and future security.

The latest economic news from the united states and South Africa

In the United States (US), inflation, once again, surprised to the upside. Compared to June 2020, headline inflation increased to 5.4% in June 2021, up from May’s 5.0%.

A subjective view of South-Africa’s long-term trajectory

How you interpret the world around you and, subsequently, forecast what may be, is based on your worldview.

What a world we live in: Falling oil prices and spending less time working

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), together with their new ally, Russia, have, once again, been unable to reach an agreement about global oil supply.

International tax, interesting stories, and some jail time

Last week officials from 130 countries, representing 90% of the global gross domestic product (GDP), met virtually to agree on the broad outlines of what would be the most sweeping change in international taxation in a century.

June Economics

During June, the bipartisan infrastructure negotiations in the United States (US) continued. A $1.2 trillion plan initially emerged from the two parties, which set out additional infrastructure spending close to $600 billion.

US interest rates and some more good news locally

Last week United States (US) markets closed the week in negative territory: the Dow Jones fell 1.6%, the S&P 500 lost 1.3%, and the Nasdaq fell 0.9%.

Inflation, TV gaming, and growth

Press reports seem to suggest that United States (US) senators have reached some kind of a bipartisan agreement about President Jo Biden’s infrastructure proposal.

The true story about unemployment in South-Africa

Last week, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) released South Africa’s (SA’s) unemployment statistics for the first quarter of 2021. We are now finally able to start understanding the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic but, even more so, the cost of an ineffective government.