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Pandemic stimulus and interest rates

Recently published research showed that pandemic stimulus failed in emerging markets. Among the top emerging and developed economies, there is no correlation between the stimulus programmes of 2020 and the strength of the ensuing recovery.

Your Best Cash Management Solutions

Proper cash management helps you to have access to funds when needed, while it also makes it possible to get an optimal return on your investments, far outperforming the yields offered by saving accounts. Get expert help for using the best combination to meet your investment strategy and liquidity needs.

Short-Term Insurance Options

Short-term insurance provides financial protection against loss as the result of damage, theft, and in some instances, natural disasters. In return for a small monthly premium, the value of the item, property or potential damage related to personal liability, is covered.

Markets calm down as Bitcoin starts to surge

The Markets were concerned about the persistent nature of higher-than-expected inflation, its implications for tighter monetary policy, and the eventual negative impact of tighter monetary policy on financial markets.

The United States economy and global energy prices

Given the recent deceleration in COVID-19 cases and the pickup in activity indicators, we believe that the United States (US) Federal Reserve (Fed) will follow through with their planned taper announcement at the upcoming policy meeting in November.

September Economics

Something we try to do as economists is to observe and to report on shifts in long-term trends. This is an important task because it can help individuals and businesses to make better long-term decisions.

Bitcoin: Is it something to include in every Investor’s portfolio?

The Economist is a world-renowned magazine that produces, arguably, the best researched content on all things related to economics. Like economics, their content covers a very wide spectrum, from global companies to markets, leadership, internal politics, geopolitics, science, finance, and, of course, economic-specific themes such as monetary and fiscal policy, to name but a few.

What is Short-Term Insurance?

Make use of our financial planning and advisory services, which include help with the best type of cover at the most affordable price to meet your risk management needs. View our range of short-term cover services here.

What are Investment Management Services

Instead of you having to monitor the process, let us do the work for you, giving you more time to enjoy life and help you navigate towards your short, medium and long-term income goals. Visit our Investment Management Services section for more information.
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