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Significant Changes Ahead For Divorcing Couples Married Out Of Community Of Property

A landmark ruling by the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria has delivered some good news for couples married out of community of property and without the accrual system. The ruling stipulates that neither party will walk away empty-handed when they get divorced.

Financial Markets Just Plunged, What Must I Do With My Investments?

For the last few days financial markets around the world have taken a massive beating, and this has affected investment portfolios severely. Some investment gurus are calling it the end of a very long bull run while others are calling it a technical correction.

Volatility Creates Opportunities

Whilst global economic growth remains strong and global unemployment remains low, the markets fear that global central banks will raise interest rates too quickly resulting in a recession. Conversely, not raising interest rates enough might allow inflation to become entrenched.

Should I Stay Invested?

During 2022, market sentiment was negatively impacted by events such as the war in the Ukraine, Covid, higher inflation and interest rates. Global equities fell by 15% year to date ending May 2022. SA asset classes were more resilient due to higher commodity prices. Although growth assets such as equity and property underperformed during 2022, these asset classes are required to outperform money market funds over the long term as illustrated in the table below.

What investors should do as volatility increases

Even after increasing interest rates by 0.75%, the United States (US) Federal Reserve (Fed) still believes that it is possible for the central bank to achieve a soft landing in which they can tame inflation without pushing the economy into a recession. Consumers, however, seem to disagree, and this is in line with economic data showing the worst reading of consumer confidence since the 1970s.

A resilient rand

The rand has remained resilient, albeit volatile, as negative global drivers continue to clash against many positive local drivers. At one point, the rand touched R15.18 last week, before poor performing global indicators caused the rand to depreciate back to levels around R15.90.

The economic legacy of the ANC

It has been almost three decades since the African National Congress (ANC) came into power. Our job, as economists, is to interpret the economic results of their actions, or, in this case, the lack thereof. To do this, we try to determine how the decisions of the ruling party, in aggregate, impact on the economy and, by implication, on the livelihoods of South Africans.

The war and global investing ─ reflections from the streets of Russia

Elevated levels of inflation and higher interest rates recently spooked the financial markets while the world watched with bated breath as Russia invaded Ukraine. These are two of the many factors that are currently affecting the global economy and markets.

Market volatility creates buying opportunities – do not miss out!

Most South African investors know that they need to include global exposure in their portfolios, and that they should increase their exposure if they already have it. There are, however, many considerations, such as different asset classes and available investment options.
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