Your Best Cash Management Solutions

Your Best Cash Management Solutions for Investment Returns

Cash management should form an integral part of your long-term financial wealth planning, regardless of your choice of investment strategy. You want to keep a part of the investment portfolio available to use for emergencies and opportunities, as well as maintain a positive cash flow.

Determining which investment vehicles to use for cash management of the portfolio can be a daunting task because the investment returns of the various solutions differ and the liquidity aspect also plays a role in your choice of investment vehicle. See what we offer for money markets and call deposits.

When you make use of our services, you get the best solutions to meet your cash management and investment funds liquidity needs according to your strategy, goals, investment funds availability, and growth needs.

We offer a select range of cash management services, which you can access through a team of certified financial planners, perfectly positioned to provide you with sound advice on investment structuring and solutions to meet your needs.

Choose from term to fixed, call and 32-day call deposits and money market solutions to meet your fund liquidity needs. Making use of our services, you don’t have to deal with numerous points of contacts, and you benefit from expert, unbiased guidance.

We provide you with guidance on the selection of vehicles for improved yield and extra cash – all this while you can enjoy hassle-free access to funds when you need it.

Let’s take a closer look at the options to help you gain a better understanding of the available solutions.

Money market fund management

It’s an open-end mutual fund in which the investor receives dividends. The fund invests specifically in short-term securities. What makes it secure is the fact that only a specific percentage of the fund investment goes to a single issuer, with exclusion of investments in government securities. With this option, you have a lower risk because the goal of the fund is always for the share values to remain steady.

The money market fund works by lending the funds from investors to governments and enterprises for a specific period. These funds normally provide better returns than those offered by conventional saving accounts.

A good solution is one where less than 25% is dedicated to corporate debt investment. Choosing the right one entails looking at companies with low initial and annual fees. Our financial planners help you choose and manage the right money market solution for low-risk liquidity of your investment funds that provide high yield and with low cost.

Call deposits

It’s an investment that allows the investor to withdraw their funds with a specific notice period without incurring a penalty for doing so. In some instances, the withdrawal can be made without notification to the financial institution.

Advantages of call deposits include:

  • No penalties if done according to the notification requirements for the particular deposit.
  • Fair liquidity of the funds.
  • Higher interest and return than with savings accounts.

These types of deposits usually require a minimum amount to invest and may also have the requirement to leave a specific amount in the account. Several types of call deposits exist. Speak to one of our expert financial planners regarding the best options for your investment strategy.

Fixed deposits

These entail investments for a fixed period. In return, the investor gets a guaranteed return according to the calculated fixed rate for the investment period. A fixed deposit ranges from a week to as long as 20 years. This type of fund is less liquid than the call deposit, but the benefit lies with the guaranteed return. You can choose between short, medium and long-term fixed deposits.


Proper cash management helps you to have access to funds when needed, while it also makes it possible to get an optimal return on your investments, far outperforming the yields offered by saving accounts. Get expert help for using the best combination to meet your investment strategy and liquidity needs.