Why You Need Short-Term Insurance

Why You Need Short-Term Insurance to Prevent Financial Loss.

Financial risks form part of life. Taking control of how you manage risks makes the difference between being prepared and falling victim to circumstances which you cannot control. Short-term insurance is an effective financial risk-mitigation method to help protect against excessive financial loss related to an unforeseen occurrence, which you cannot control.

Which situations count among the unforeseen?

A vehicle accident, theft, property damage as a result of fire, flood, hail, wind, vandalism, looting and break-in, and theft of household items are among the incidents that can cause financial loss. Not having insurance doesn’t bring on these events, but financial loss is a given if you don’t have sufficient short-term cover, which can pay out in the event of, for instance, a fire, break-in, or accident. You can also find yourself at the wrong end of a lawsuit where a client may claim damages for a mistake made by you as a service or product provider. Because so many types of risks exist, you need cover to protect your property, household, vehicle, and person.

Types of short-term insurance include, but are not limited to:

  • Property
  • Household property
  • Personal liability
  • Vehicle accident
  • Professional disability
  • Income protection

Prevent financial loss

Your long-term financial wealth plans can be derailed through a single incident if you have not prepared for short-term risks. This is why cover for these risks must form part of your overall financial well-being planning. However, it doesn’t help to take cover for every possible risk, just to end up paying a large part of your income to protect against the risks. We understand the myriad of risks for which you need cover, and help you assess which cover solutions are best suited for your situation and budget.

Analyzing Finances

Where to get help

We have partnered with Efficient Insure to provide you with an extensive risk analysis and assessment based on your personal profile. To this end, we also provide you with a comparative analysis of covers and prices to help you get the best protection at the most affordable rate.

You can take the guesswork out of the picture with our electronic platform where you can get an assessment based on data and not subjective opinion forced onto you. Equipped with accurate information, you can make the decision on what’s best for you in terms of household, car, personal liability and property cover.

Benefits of making use of our short-term insurance services include:

  • Comprehensive information analysis to ensure cover that meets your exact needs.
  • Multiple solutions to choose from rather than one cover that fits all.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment, helping you to identify risks against which you need cover.
  • Comparison of alternatives to give you an overview of the solutions available to meet your needs.
  • Annual review of your risk profile, the covers available and the pricing structures, helping you to adapt your risk cover according to your needs.
  • Annual pricing review ensures you get the most competitive rates.

What comes first?

Reach out for assessment help to get short-term insurance that meets your particular risk and income requirements.