Why Use a Financial Advisor?

Why Use a Financial Advisor to Help You Manage Personal Wealth?

The future is uncertain and may not be in your control, but you have the power to make provision for uncertainties. Mitigate risks by seeking expert help from a financial advisor to help you make the best use of your income for current and future security.

Read on to discover reasons to partner with an advisor for your personal wealth journey.

Planning help for current and future wealth

You cannot plan for monetary security without assessing existing and future wealth management needs. With that in mind, choose a financial advisor who takes the time to understand your particular circumstances and has cutting-edge systems for accurate assessments, enabling planning for changing circumstances without compromising on your income security goals.

We perform a comprehensive analysis, using the best technology for the purpose. In addition, our team has extensive experience and is well-qualified to perform the analysis. Add to that, our close collaboration with clients to understand their particular expectations, circumstances and concerns, and we are in the perfect position to give you sound advice for optimal security regardless of your life journey stage.

Efficient Wealth

Client relationship management (CRM) plays an integral role in meeting client expectations and ensuring optimal satisfaction. For this reason, we use an advanced CRM system that includes a comprehensive review model, allowing for adaptation to the changes in your circumstances along your life path.

We select each advisor based on strict criteria related to their qualifications, their reputation in the industry, experience, and their commitment to the development of plans tailored to client needs.

As part of our overall planning and advisory services, we offer you:

  • Retirement planning.
  • Current financial analysis.
  • Planning for now and the future.
  • Expert estate planning.
  • Income tax assessment and planning.
  • Best practices and planning for estate duty and capital gains tax.
  • Planning for dreaded disease and disability.

Avoid the silo mindset: Align your health budget with your wealth management goals

Your health security cannot be separated from your wealth. With the healthcare offerings increasing by the day, choosing the right healthcare plan to work with your family’s current and future health well-being needs can be difficult. The plan you choose should align with your financial plans for wealth security. We make the process easier through our partnership with Efficient Med to bring you:

  • Comprehensive analysis and comparison of hospital plans, medical aid funds, gap cover and related offerings.
  • Administrative help and ongoing support.

Benefit from effective cash-flow management

Don’t compromise your short-term liquidity for the sake of long-term security. We help you to keep a portion of your portfolio liquid for emergencies, business or investment opportunities and to reduce the risk of not being ready for unforeseen situations. Service offerings include from call to term, fixed and 32-day notice deposits, in addition to money market investments. Benefit from access to a certified financial advisor who can analyse and recommend the best strategy for your particular cash-flow management needs.

To conclude

Partnering with an advisor with your best interests in mindsets you up for improved financial wealth management. Reach out to us for more information on our range of services to help secure and grow your wealth.