What is Wealth Management

What is Wealth Management and How Do You Benefit?

Wealth management is the process of managing one’s assets to make sure you’re able to provide for your financial needs and those of your family, now and in future. The first step is to know how much you have and what you’ll need.

If you don’t have the time or resources, it’s best to outsource the function to financial advisory services, enabling you to focus on your business, income-generating opportunities, and enjoyment of life. A company like Efficient Wealth offers a range of financial advisory services to help you manage your investments, stock portfolio and other assets. With a highly qualified team to help you develop strategies for long-term investments, you can spend your time enjoying life while our consultants ensure optimal return on your investments.

When Should You Get Help with Wealth Management?

If you’re a higher income earner or fit in the high-end nett worth category, it’s best to hire a wealth manager to review your assets, help you structure your taxes, plan investments, advise on insurance to cover your risks, and monitor the performance of your investments.

What is a Wealth Manager?

It is a person who is qualified and certified to provide financial advice, manage investments, perform estate planning, recommend insurance products, and help manage financial risks. As such, your finances and investment security will be in good hands. The consultant can provide services related to the highest level of investment guidance. From stocks to securities, growth funds, shareholding and fixed asset management, all form part of their portfolio management capability.

Why is Wealth Planning Essential?

Investing without a plan leaves your financial security exposed to economic and political disruptors that can affect your income potential and future financial security. A solid financial plan takes aspects like long-term return on investment (ROI) goals, immediate income needs, risks, asset base and more into consideration. This helps to ensure that the financial decision-making process is done according to your specific situation and objectives. The planning process helps to ensure the security of your financial assets over the long term.

Examples of Important Services

Wealth management can focus on a specific part of your portfolio or be all-inclusive. Service categories include:

Estate Planning

The financial consultant or manager helps you draw up a will or living will and structure your estate according to what you want to happen with your assets once you have passed away. This can include the creation of a trust to protect assets, registering usage rights, and more.


The manager can advise you on appropriate investments, the development of an investment strategy, and help manage your stock portfolio.


Life is not without risk. This means your assets and financial security are also vulnerable if you don’t have protective measures in place to safeguard against financial loss due to specific incidents. The manager can help you choose and manage insurance cover to protect against short and long-term risks.

Tax Structuring

As a high-nett individual you also fall in the highest tax bracket. This means a large portion of your income goes directly towards tax. With professional structuring of your assets and tax, you can reduce your tax liability.

Financial Planning

At one other stage, you will reach retirement age. This can be at 63 or 83, but you’ll want to make provision for income to ensure you can maintain your living standard. Retirement planning forms part of the service. In addition, financial planning can help you reach your goals like sending your kids or grandchildren to university or purchasing a lifestyle farm at the sea within three or four years from now.

Where to Start

Reach out for more information on how we tailor wealth management services to meet your individual risk, ROI, and goal needs.