What Do Financial Consultants Do?

How Financial Consultants Help You to Reach Your Wealth Creation Goals

No two persons have exactly the same assets, income, circumstances, goals, or challenges. It’s for this reason the one-plan-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to wealth management, investment, estate planning, insurance cover, and risk mitigation. Working with experienced financial consultants, who understand that your health cover, household and vehicle insurance, will, estate planning, stock portfolio management, and investments must be tailored to meet your specific wealth and security needs is essential.

In this article, we look at the role of financial consultants, why you should work with them in building your personal wealth, and why working with Efficient Wealth is a wise decision.

What Do Financial Consultants Do?

Also called an advisor, the financial consultant offers investment, estate planning, insurance, shares, and financial structuring advice. If operating as part of a consultancy like Efficient Wealth, the advisor also helps the client to use specific platforms while the consultancy provides a platform with tools that the client can use. The main focus of the advisor is to provide a personalised service to clients in order for them to build and maintain a strong and secure wealth portfolio.

The consultant helps to identify investment opportunities and guides the client in terms of appropriate insurance to protect their wealth against loss related to health issues, disability, property damage, and related risks. The advisory firm can also be involved in the direct purchasing and selling of stocks and shares on behalf of the client, thereby managing their stock portfolio for maximum growth and return for the client.

Before giving advice, the advisor analyses the client’s current asset portfolio and situation. In addition, the consultant also listens to the client in terms of their long-term goals before making recommendations. Whenever the client goes through a situation in which their financial situation can drastically change or be affected by the situation, they should consult with the financial advisor on going forward to secure their wealth. Such events range from career changes to the selling of assets, retiring, or getting married.

Goals of the Client

Apart from long-term goals, such as making provision for their retirement or planning for their wealth to be passed on to their beneficiaries should they pass away, the client can have goals such as:

  • Emigration
  • Buying a home
  • Buying a new business
  • Paying off the student loan of a child or grandchild
  • Buying a house or business for their child or grandchild
  • Early retirement
  • Living debt-free

Why and When to Work with the Consultants

As mentioned above, when you face a life-changing event, it is time to set up a meeting with the consultants to help you plan your wealth accordingly. Also if you want to reach specific goals, want help in managing several retirement accounts, want to focus on what you do while the qualified advisers analyse, guide and manage your portfolio and when you want to avoid investment pitfalls, seek help from the experts.

Why Choose Efficient Wealth?

Our financial consultants are qualified and focused on tailoring services and offerings to meet your wealth creation and securing needs. Find an advisor today to help you build a more secure investment and wealth future.