Taking Care of Short-Term Insurance

Taking Care of Your Assets with Short-Term Insurance

From a broad perspective, if a financial planner is responsible for your future wealth and assets and a financial consultant adjusts and secures your immediate wealth and assets, then short-term insurance would protect the wealth and assets you have already acquired.

But, it’s not just your assets you’re protecting. It also takes care of and protects both you and your loved ones. If the clouds are hanging low, you give your child an umbrella before they go out. If you buy them a scooter, you get them a helmet. Short-term insurance offers the same umbrella, it simply covers more serious incidentals.

How it Works

You invest in short-term insurance with monthly instalments called premiums. How much you invest, would depend on the asset you’re covering and the likelihood of it being damaged. If it is damaged, destroyed, or lost, your cover would be enough to pay for repairs or replace it.

Short-term insurance offers a wide range of coverage. For example, you agree on an amount to be paid out if your vehicle is involved in an accident, or is destroyed or stolen. If these incidentals occur, you are paid the agreed amount. Just be aware that cars depreciate annually, so ensure that you update their value on that basis.

Other Packages You Might Consider

Comprehensive – Short-term insurance that covers the total value of your motor vehicle. Third-party cover is for damage you may have caused to someone else’s car. Balance of third-party (fire and theft) will cover you in the event of your car being stolen, if your car burns, or if you are responsible for damaging someone else’s vehicle or property.

Homeowner’s Short-Term Insurance – This may equal how much reconstruction of your home would cost in the event of structural failure or damage.

Household Contents Cover – This insures the remainder of your belongings that are in your home.

Personal Liability – This assists you if someone sues you personally for damage or injury caused on your property, while all-risk short-term insurance will cover items that are lost outside of your property. Personal accident cover will protect you and your family in the unfortunate event of one of you being disabled or dying in an accident.

Useful Tips

Regardless of whom you select to cover your short-term insurance, be sure to be honest and accurate, and keep the value of your assets up to date and agreed upon with your insurer. The consequences of over-estimated claims may result in your application being rejected. Should you be under-covered, your insurer might only pay out a percentage of the actual value.

Ensure that your premiums are always paid on time to avoid your cover lapsing. Do an annual inventory of your insured items and confirm that you are fairly but adequately covered. You could lower your monthly investment for your short-term insurance cover by increasing your excess payment or improving the security of your assets.

Who to Turn To

Efficient Wealth should be your answer. Efficient wealth has specifically selected short-term insurance specialists that offer a wide range of cover for yourself, your family, and your assets.

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