Successful Wealth Management

The Pathway to Successful Wealth Management

Wealth management is a smart choice for any high-income earner looking to pave their path to lasting financial success. If you’re consistently achieving and exceeding your short- and mid-term objectives and you’re firmly set on succeeding in your long-term financial goals, we at Efficient Wealth would suggest that you consider enlisting wealth management services.

You Have Everything Covered Already

You’ve followed the advice to save sensibly since you were young. You’ve progressed onwards to a financial consultant for initial advice and employed a financial manager to manage your growing, cleverly maintained investments. Most of your impressively maturing wealth is already invested in sensible portfolios.

Wealth management would only seem to be the next logical step. After all, it’s quite simply selecting the profession of financial planning and merging it with the equally impressive function of investment management into one powerful combination of two perfectly complimentary financial services.

Efficient Wealth Brings Calm to the Clutter

We realise that by combining these two aspects, your wealth management environment changes significantly. It now offers a perplexing range of investment options, each with its own conundrums of term, risk, return, tax and legalities which, at times, are extremely difficult to navigate individually.

Having direct access to our specifically selected specialist affiliates and a broad range of third-party investment specialists, Efficient Wealth can proudly offer you a full inventory of investment options that would suit even the most discerning investor.

Catering for both compulsory and discretionary investment funds, we provide for local and international investments across most asset classes and within an extensive range of complex legal structures. Should you consider a consultation with Efficient Wealth, we can demonstrate just how we bring calm to the clutter of the many facets of wealth management.

The Efficiency of Efficient Wealth

Allow us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing financial portfolio. We’ll assess your risk profile and take into account your investment goals, objectives and future needs. We’ll then compile an incisive strategy that is specifically designed to suit your needs.

Your personal wealth management plans will then be actively overseen, in consultation with a specialist certified wealth planner. This process is purpose-built to ensure that tweaks and adjustments can be made in line with your evolving circumstances. With our hands-on approach, this translates into efficient and fast implementation of any decisions you might make, and we’ll also be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any factors that might influence the overall investment environment.

Among our host of professional offerings, Efficient Wealth can include but is certainly not exclusive to, personal share portfolio management, estate and retirement planning, approved unit trusts and multiple investment platforms for discretionary and compulsory funds. Our expertise is not only bound to the South African wealth management marketplace. Also on offer is a comprehensively managed and tax-efficient international investments arena.

If you’re serious about intelligent and proactive wealth management, get in touch with Efficient Wealth, we’ll bring calm and avoid the clutter on your behalf.