Stockbroking Portfolio Management

Stockbroking Portfolio Management   

Historically, the stock exchange, stock market and trading in stocks, shares, bonds, and cash have been intimidating to those inexperienced in the area. There has always been the perception that stockbroking portfolio management is reserved for the wealthy risk-takers of the financial industry or the technically astute businessman. In truth, the fine art and selective science of stockbroking portfolio management are neither technical nor difficult and can reap tremendous rewards and dividends. The key, however, is to have specialist support to help you limit risk and get the most returns.

Stockbroking portfolio management is, by definition, selecting and administering a group of investments that meet the long-term financial objectives of a specific client, company, or institution. This involves building and managing a selection of elected investments that will meet a client’s financial goals and specific risk tolerances for the preferred result of producing a profit.

Effective Stockbroking Portfolio Management starts with Efficient Wealth

Effective stockbroking portfolio management can be done in many ways. The two most preferred ways are active and passive portfolio management.

Active stockbroking portfolio management is when individual stocks and other assets are strategically and, sometimes, aggressively bought and sold to beat the performance of a specific index. The passive approach is a long-term game-plan which entails mimicking the make-up of a particular share or index to match the returns of the market.

In both cases, individuals can, and do, create their own strategies, and invest autonomously in these markets to gain profitable returns, but going at it alone poses greater risks. An incorrect or misperceived opportunity can be costly and, in some instances, take years to recover from. This is where the stock markets have earned infamous reputations.

Longevity is Best Left to the Professionals

There are many other ways to approach stockbroking portfolio management strategies, including asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing. Some are high risk with high rewards, and some are meticulous and calculating for a consistent result. It is critical to note that only a few will meet your particular goals, objectives and risk profile. This is why the process is best left to the professionals!

Efficient Wealth, in collaboration with a leading South African stockbroking firm, has put together a stockbroking portfolio management solution that meets the needs of even the most selective investors. Regardless of your expertise, knowledge and understanding of capital-market arenas, Efficient Wealth has created a system that is purpose-built and continually adjusted to take heed of the ever-changing trading environment.

Why Efficient Wealth?

Our offering includes broker-based, fully discretionary and non-discretionary stockbroking portfolio management services, as well as online trading solutions. We provide these services through an industry-leading electronic platform or a preferred one-on-one relationship with a specialist stockbroker.

Complementing this, we offer a variety of value-added research reports, information sessions and personal consultations.

Everything we do is driven by our desire to minimise risk and maximise our clients’ well-being. Contact us to safeguard the longevity of your trading assets and achieve the results you deserve.