Business Cash Management

Business Cash Management: Investments for Liquidity

Business cash management is essential to ensure your business is ready for growth and to mitigate risks. A good investment strategy makes provision for a percentage of the funds to be liquid for usage on short notice. That said, shorter-term investments don’t deliver the optimal returns of long-term, well-planned investments. The secret is to strike the right balance and invest wisely to ensure your portfolio includes investments for short notice use that also deliver superb returns.

To this end, partnering with Efficient Wealth for cash management advice and solutions enables you to achieve balanced investments. We offer tailored solutions to meet the liquidity, investment return, and growth needs of our clients.

Our dedicated team of experienced, certified financial planners can advise you and assist you in managing your portfolio. They can structure your investments and advise on the vehicles available to meet your specific return and liquidity needs.

How Your Business Benefits from Our Cash Management Services

You have a single point of contact with our personalised approach. Your financial adviser gets to know your portfolio and works with you to find the best possible solution to meet your needs. This means you’re not just a number and can trust the financial planner to monitor opportunities and risks to your benefit.

The financial adviser helps to identify possible investment opportunities. With this approach, you have the potential of achieving higher yields on the excess cash you have available in your business. In addition, the cash management solution enables you to access funds fast when you need it without having to jump through several hoops. You also benefit from receiving independent and objective advice.

What We Offer

The solution is tailored to give you access to investment vehicles like call deposits, money market, fixed deposits, 32-day notice deposits and term deposits. With this approach, you can manage your risk and structure liquidity to suit your needs. A part of your funds can go towards high-yield 32-day notice deposits, which you can use for projects or as deposits on property purchases.

A portion can go into a fixed-term deposit and another into a call deposit for optimal liquidity while you can save in a fixed-term deposit for a longer-term investment to ensure you get the best possible return. With the unbiased advice available, it is possible to minimise risks while optimising returns.

You can make short-term investments with high liquidity in the money market. It involves trading in short-term debt investment options. You can also invest in a money market fund. These offer secure and low risk returns with high liquidity.

Why Rely on Efficient Wealth?

We offer a host of investment, insurance, and cash management solutions in addition to tax consultancy, estate planning, retirement planning and employee benefits management services. You have access to top financial advisers who are qualified to help you navigate the many investment options available. Apart from our dedicated team, we offer you access to specialist financial services and advisers.

Get in touch for more information on our cash management and related business financial investment options to help you mitigate risk, improve liquidity, and structure investments for optimal return.