Hassle-Free Personal Wealth Management

Hassle-Free Personal Wealth Management is Possible

Wealth management is often mistaken for investment portfolio building. The difference lies in the comprehensiveness of each. Whereas investments are often focussed on stocks, shares, properties and commodities, personal wealth management focuses on the investments together with insurance, estate planning, personal healthcare cover, cash management and financial planning.

With the comprehensive nature of long-term financial health in mind, let’s take a closer look at the services we offer to individuals.

  • Investments & Portfolio Management

We have access to experienced and specialist investment affiliates and specialists. This ensures that we can meet your particular investment portfolio planning, structuring and growing requirements. Our consultants analyse your current investment portfolio and, based on the information, provide recommendations regarding optimisation of short, medium, and long-term returns while also helping to reduce your risk portfolio.

Whether you’re just starting out with investments or have a comprehensive portfolio which you want to streamline and have managed professionally, we can help. Our certified financial planners work with you to structure the portfolio to meet your retirement income requirements as well.

Our investment services include everything from personal share portfolio structuring to investment handling regarding approved funds and unit trust funds. This service offering also includes the usage of multiple investment platforms for compulsory and discretionary fund portfolios, in addition to identification and management of tax-efficient international investments.

  • Cash Management

If you need to ensure the liquidity of funds to be ready for opportunities then you’ll appreciate our solutions tailored to your cash-flow and funds liquidity needs. This ensures that you will always have a portion of your investment funds available on short notice without losing out on interest and earning potential.

Without consideration for possible risks and opportunities requiring almost immediate funds, you can jeopardise your long-term wealth. To this end, we offer investments in money markets, call deposits, fixed deposits, term deposits and 32-day notice deposits to help keep a portion of your funds liquid. With this strategy, you have access to funds on short notice while you also benefit from objective advice and single point control over the funds.

  • Short and Long Term Insurance

You face risks throughout your life. All these risks must be managed to minimise their impact on your wealth. With short and long-term insurance at affordable premiums from trusted providers, you mitigate the risks and safeguard your wealth.

Life assurance is essential when you take out a loan, but so is health insurance. From personal liability cover to vehicle and asset insurance, including household and property cover, are effective means to reduce the risk of having to pay a large sum to deal with an unfortunate event, such as roof collapse causing structural damage, etc.

We’ve partnered with Insure Efficient to bring you in-depth risk analysis, world-class solutions, and affordable rates to help minimise the risk of financial loss.

  • Healthcare

As mentioned earlier, financial loss as the result of a medical emergency can affect your financial standing negatively. To ensure you have access to the most appropriate and best medical care when you need it, we have partnered with Efficient Med. We perform the healthcare cover analysis, ensuring you get a cover suited to your particular healthcare needs in line with your overall investment and risk strategy for optimal funds and risk management.

Reach out today to have our professional team assess your wealth management needs and benefit from our expert input, professional services, and tailored service offerings.