Effective Wealth Management

Effective Wealth Management with a Team of Dedicated Professionals

Historically, people believed that wealth management is only reserved for extremely wealthy individuals, financially privileged families and internationally renowned companies – those individuals and entities that have acquired “old money” over decades of shrewd investing and high profit margins. In truth, success wears many hats. Many people have reached a level of financial success that demands tighter control and smarter investment of their finances.

Once an individual has graduated from the intelligent planning of their finances and has elevated to having an above-average net worth, it may be time for them to consider wealth management guidance. This is a result of having achieved more than moderate success and a business, cheque and savings account are no longer able to accommodate their cash savings and the success of their investment strategies.

We at Efficient Wealth appreciate the challenges an individual may encounter while debating where to position their hard-earned profits. After all, the investment environment could be extremely overwhelming with the confusing clutter that clouds the wide range of investment options on offer. Therefore, we share these four basic points for your consideration before appointing wealth management professionals.

  1. Goalsetting is Essential

Take the time to select short-, mid- and long-term goals. Nobody wants to gain wealth slowly. However, these goals should be based on an individual’s risk profile, age, investment objectives and future needs. Younger persons may afford a higher element of risk for faster growth towards their goals whereas a more values-based portfolio may be wise for senior persons.

  1. Wealth Management is a Team Sport

Individuals may be competent to decide on which options they prefer and where they would like to invest. However, business, family and similar obligations may interfere with the time needed to effectively manage their portfolio. Moreover, goals over varying periods will need varying skill sets and guidance from separate but synchronised specialised professionals who are on the same team.

  1. Take Life-changing Events into Account

Getting married, having a child, buying a house, changing careers or retiring are major events in anyone’s life and they come with an amount of stress and a need for financial adjustment. A suitably qualified wealth management team would be able to make provisions during these times and diversify funds to accommodate and absorb the impact the event might have on one’s finances.

  1. Prepare for Retirement

This is a marathon, not a sprint. The younger an individual is, the more sprints within the marathon they can afford. However, regardless of age, separate provisions have to be catered for in the long run to retirement. Investment maturity options and ongoing investments need to be married carefully with health issues and other unplanned events to ensure that an equivalent or better standard of living is maintained past retirement.

Managing your hard-earned money is an extremely difficult baton to pass on to the next runner in the marathon of your life. We understand your predicament and that is why we offer wealth management that is proficient and highly effective but, most of all, understanding of your needs allowing us to support you throughout your life’s race.

Our selected team of professionals in their trades has access to industry-leading technology and offers a full range of personalised, face-to-face services. Allow Efficient Wealth to assess your wealth portfolio to ensure that your financial milestones are successfully achieved.