Diverse Investment Management Services

What are Investment Management Services, and Do You Need Them?

Investment management services are a type of financial service that assists people in managing their investments. These services are typically offered by banks, brokerage firms, and other types of financial institutions, as well as investing firms.

Wealth management is primarily concerned with the protection and preservation of an individual’s assets while advisory services guide on how to grow those assets.

The advisory service typically offers a range of different products, such as mutual funds, stocks and funds of funds (FOF). They also provide advice on which vehicles are best for the individual’s specific needs, like retirement or tertiary education savings.

Individuals can also choose to have their money managed by a professional who invests in stocks, unit trusts, international funds, the money market, and more.

Who Benefits Most?

The services are a great way to support people and businesses in reaching their financial goals. These solutions can be used by people who have accumulated substantial wealth and are looking to manage their assets. They are also relevant for individuals who want to start investing in the stock market.

The advantages of using investment management services for investors:

  • Access to a professional adviser who will assist in making better decisions about how money is invested.
  • Access to the latest research on different types of investments so that informed decisions can be made about what should be invested in.
  • Access to a team that will assist in managing finances.

Why Not Invest Without Help?

With an extensive range of opportunities available, it is challenging to choose the best option. Factors like risk, liquidity, Return on Investment (ROI) and the goal of investing must be considered. In addition, consider the length of time before reaching retirement age.

Each option comes with its own risks, ROI, tax implications, and liquidity aspects. Should you invest in a share portfolio, growth fund or unit trust? It takes only one mistake to lose a large portion of savings. Having access to expert guidance mitigates the risks, offers guidance in making informed choices and adapts the strategy to a person’s changing circumstances, age, and security needs.

Efficient Wealth’s Bespoke Offering

When you choose to make use of our solutions, you will have access to several investment opportunities, which include approved unit trust funds to approved funds of funds (FOF). We also offer you managed and tax-efficient international investing opportunities. Furthermore, you have the benefit of personal share portfolio management and the opportunity to invest in discretionary, as well as compulsory funds.

Our financial planners are certified and experienced in structuring portfolios and managing investments. They keep close tabs on the changing investing environments and tweak your portfolio to fit changes in your goals or circumstances and in response to the dynamic investing environment. An independent committee approves the investments, ensuring your portfolio is best managed to reduce your exposure to risk.

Benefit from expert guidance and monitoring to encourage optimal risk mitigation and the best ROI to meet your bespoke needs. Get in touch to learn more about our investment management services, uniquely tailored to you.