COVID-19: What will 2030 look like

Written by Dawie Roodt, Efficient Group Chief Economist

The arrival of COVID-19 has changed the world, possibly forever. Eventually the pandemic will dissipate, and life will gradually return to normal. But what will this normal look like? Will life return to how it was before the arrival of COVID-19 or will the consequences alter human behaviour?

Dawie Roodt, our Efficient Group Chief Economist, investigates some of the economic trends that could be observed before COVID-19 and how it has been altered by this once-in-a-century virus. He looks at the power of the state and the dangers of relinquishing private liberty and freedom. Another concern for the future is the labour force. Can we expect another baby boom after the lockdown? Dawie discusses the potential future for small business owners, the real estate crisis, and the global fiscal policy. Although no economist can accurately predict the future, Dawie asks some of the tough questions and endeavours to glimpse into what we could possibly expect from 2030.

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