A Pure Breed of Professionals

Financial Consultants – A Pure Breed of Professionals

Financial consultants or planners, which is it? When you do a little research on their independent job descriptions, you may find that even the finance industry gets confused. Often referring to one as the other and vice versa. Employment agencies may also confuse the roles of each, seeking a hybrid position including the roles and responsibilities of both professions merged into one metamorphosed position.

Although both positions have similar qualifications and are highly sought after in the field of finance, they have very unique differences and specialise in differing components to your overall wealth, even though sometimes, they may have to consult with each other about an individual need that you might have.

Uniquely the same – Profoundly Different

The planner has an overall understanding of the entire investment landscape. They will assist you in diversifying your wealth, investments, and plans to achieve your long-term goals and objectives. By definition, they would want to see your investments and strategies that were so meticulously planned come to fruition and would prefer to celebrate your successes. This inadvertently creates a medium to a long-term marriage of continuously updating your overall investment portfolio in the forever fluctuating finance marketplace, both into and following your retirement.

Financial consultants would also prefer a relationship with you, however, it is usually a more short-term affair. They will be less likely to examine your overall portfolio, opting rather to take a narrower view when offering guidance. Focussing more on immediate, individual obstacles you may have concerns within the overall portfolio, offering productive, pro-active solutions.

Financial consultants will investigate issues relating to both your personal finance and your various business interests. They will seek immediate solutions to issues relating to key-focus areas. For example, banking, money managing, brokering, various insurance requirements, and may even advise on investment management, stocks and shares, and accounting concerns among a host of other key focus areas.

It’s a Specialised Focus – Select the Specialists

Selecting the correct team of financial consultants is vital. The planning of your increased wealth status may be extremely healthy other than one or two key focus areas, but not all financial consultants are created equal and an ill-advised prediction could have lasting effects on your portfolio.

When selecting the specialists needed to keep your objectives and goals on track, you need a team of financial consultants that have your personal interest and success at heart. You need financial consultants that don’t package deals to suit their own ends, but rather select solid individualised options that are as versatile and flexible as your existing plans.

Select Efficient Wealth. Our team of financial consultants are specifically selected to specialise in identifying immediate problems and offering genuine solutions that best suit your needs. By not only maintaining your planned portfolio but marrying short-term, key-focus points that are designed to align with your existing portfolio, these consider personalised packages that are tailor-made to fit your specific personal or professional requirements.

Efficient Wealth’s financial consultants have a complete bouquet of products on offer. These include but are certainly not exclusive to, healthcare, investment management, life assurance and short-term insurance for your personal benefit, cash management, banking, stockbroking, employee benefits, and business assurance for your business interests.

Our team of dedicated financial consultants are purebred professionals. But, they are human and approachable and are personally invested in your financial wellness. Consult with Efficient Wealth, we work for your efficient wealth and wellbeing.