The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Fiduciary Services – A Journey of Trust, Transparency, and Efficiency

At Efficient Wealth, we are a team of qualified financial experts whose development over the years extends to all aspects of finance, including our innovative efforts in enhancing fiduciary services.

Our absolute commitment to trust, transparency, and efficiency is paving the way for a future where our clients feel empowered, informed, and confident about their financial well-being, both now and in the event of their unfortunate or untimely passing. In fact, at Efficient Wealth, we are setting the standard for the next generation of financial planning, wealth management, and fiduciary services.


Modern Evolution of Fiduciary Services

In modern-day society, clients seek a proactive, transparent, and efficient steward for their financial affairs. Being at the forefront of this financial revolution, we stand firm, redefining the landscape of fiduciary services with innovative ideas that garner the trust needed to create complete transparency and efficiency.


Building Trust through Open Communication

We recognise that trust is the cornerstone of any successful client relationship. This is why we prioritise open communication and complete transparency. Our clients are not just numbers on a spreadsheet, they are our partners in their wealth-building journey. This commitment is reflected in our accessible platform, where our clients can readily access real-time information on their investments, fees, and performance. Moreover, we provide updates and consistent reports, ensuring they are always informed and in control of their finances.


Enhancing Transparency through Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in our transparency evolution. Our partners in finance and propriety platforms leverage cutting-edge equipment and data analytics to provide our clients with actionable insights. Investment portfolios are dynamically monitored and optimised, and our customers receive alerts for potential risks or opportunities. This proactive approach empowers clients to make informed decisions about their financial future with the firm support of one of our certified team members.


Innovative Ideas for a Better Future for Fiduciary Services

At Efficient Wealth, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of fiduciary services with innovative ideas and addressing the ever-evolving needs of our clients. For example:

  • Personalised Financial Planning: Here at Efficient Wealth, we go beyond traditional investment and financial management. We offer comprehensive financial-planning services, helping our clients create a clear and usable roadmap for their financial goals, from living and being to wealth management and retirement planning.
  • Socially Responsible Investing: Acknowledging the growing demand for ethical investing, our responsible investment managers offer customers an option to invest in sustainable and socially responsible portfolios. This includes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and allows our clients to align their financial goals with their life values.
  • Enhanced Online Security: With technologies on both sides of the law evolving daily, data security will always remain vitally important. We ensure our robust cybersecurity measures are always updated to safeguard client information and ensure peace of mind.


Consult With Efficient Wealth

If you face the challenge of who to trust with your personal finances, consider Efficient Wealth. Our experienced planners and advisors are your partners in your financial future. We offer expertise in trust and executorship services, and we provide comprehensive solutions, from estate planning to innovative independent trustee services.

Allow us to assess your finances and build a future that meets your dreams, ambitions, and goals. Consult with us today.

Why estate planning is so important

The crux of Estate planning is protecting your family and loved ones. Sadly, it seems like many people devote more time to planning a vacation, which is most likely a sign of the level of discomfort they feel around the subject.

Deciding who will inherit your assets after you are gone is usually a difficult topic to broach, but it is one of the most important life decisions you can make. Without estate planning, you cannot select who receives your belongings and assets that you have spent your whole life accumulating.

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Fiduciary Services and why it is important

Although personal fiduciary services are a vital part of everyone’s financial portfolio, it is often a sensitive topic  that people would rather avoid. But ensuring that your loved ones are cared for after you pass away is a critical component of a comprehensive estate plan.  The confusion, uncertainty, and negative financial implications of dying intestate may be more severe for your loved ones than had you taken time to plan their financial future while you are still alive.

Personal fiduciary services may be as simple as ensuring that your last will and testament is adequately structured to cater to the needs of your family. This may include the distribution of cash, assets, company ownership, and individual inheritance clauses. Updating these documents when circumstances change is also important – specifically in cases where there are divorces, second marriages, or children from multiple relationships involved.

In this article, we at Efficient Wealth explain what fiduciary services are and why they are so important.

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Expert financial advisors: 5 ways they can help your small business thrive

Are you thinking of opening a small business? Partnering with an expert financial advisor can set you on your way toward financial success. In the beginning, it is about being passionate about your products and services, gaining and retaining customers, ordering stock, and a plethora of other things seemingly more important than balancing the books.

Opening a new business, or trying to manage an existing one, presents a veritable minefield of challenges that you need to overcome. It can be an overwhelming conundrum, a feeling similar to going on an African safari without sorting out the logistics or retaining an experienced professional to guide you.

However, the advice of professional financial advisors will make the challenges less daunting and, through the services that they offer, you can implement practices to grow your business.

In this article, we will explain a few services that we offer and why you may need them for your business:

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The Value of Partnering with an Expert Financial Advisor

If dreaded disease cover is left disregarded and you or a loved one is diagnosed with a serious ailment, it could lead to financial distress or even bankruptcy.

The long-term effects of the tightening cycle

Dr Francois Stofberg
Managing Director: Efficient Private Clients.

The global economic landscape has been experiencing a tightening cycle for roughly a year, and it is becoming apparent that its effects are both spreading and deepening as disequilibrium becomes more apparent. Recently, we have also experienced that the banking system is likely to be a contributor to the damage being done. The flow of liquidity from cash and credit to assets and spending is critical to the success of economies, and the combination of central banks raising interest rates and draining reserves, coupled with banks experiencing more constrained deposit and capital conditions and tightening credit standards, is likely to constrain the flow of money and credit to markets and economies. This, in turn, is likely to have a detrimental impact on spending and income.

Three major equilibriums and two major policy levers interact to drive markets and economies. The first equilibrium in the rich world is spending and output in line with capacity, which roughly translates into approximately 2% real growth with 2% inflation, a nominal spending growth rate of 4% to 5%, and an average unemployment rate. The second equilibrium is that debt growth must be in line with income growth, meaning credit growth that is not too high or too low, with interest rates that act as neither a major incentive nor disincentive to borrow. The third equilibrium is a normal level of risk premiums in assets relative to cash, meaning that bonds provide an expected return above cash, and equities an expected return above bonds, commensurate with these assets’ risks. The two policy levers are monetary policy and fiscal policy. The economic and market swings that we see reflect the never-ending struggles of the marketplace and of policymakers to achieve equilibrium. In the West, we are far from equilibrium, while in the East, we are closer to it. The closer an economy is to equilibrium, the easier it is to fix problems and the lower market volatility.

In developed economies, high nominal spending, when compared with the ability of an economy to produce more, remains the greatest disruption to equilibrium today. This leads to inflation that is significantly above target, leading to big policy shifts and high market volatility. Despite aggressive policy action, the United States (US), Europe, and the United Kingdom (UK) have not moved much closer to equilibrium. On the margin, the nature of the disequilibrium has shifted from too much inflation to not enough growth, with the risk premiums on assets decreasing relative to cash.

The path from disequilibrium to equilibrium allows for big market swings. When looking at why the economy is in bearish disequilibrium, we see that inflation is too high. Nominal spending, in turn, is too high to bring inflation down and unemployment is too low to bring wages down, and despite nominal growth being too high, the real growth rate is lower than desired. In the end, a weaker real growth rate, that is, an earnings recession of sorts, is required to resolve the other imbalances.

In conclusion, the effects of the recent tightening cycle are spreading and deepening, and the damage to the banking system is a manifestation of this tightening. Markets are in disequilibrium and the high level of nominal spending remains the greatest disruption to equilibrium today. Despite aggressive policy action, the US, Europe, and the UK have not moved much closer to equilibrium. The path from disequilibrium to equilibrium allows for big market swings, which is a frame of reference for longer-term positioning. It is thus crucial for policymakers and market participants to remain vigilant and proactive when managing these risks and when taking steps towards a more stable and sustainable economic environment.

Estate Duty: The Dutiable Part of The Estate

Professional Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services: Help with Wills and Estates in South Africa

One of the often overlooked, yet, crucial aspects of financial planning is to make provision for succession. To this end, as part of our fiduciary services, we advise clients to do proper estate and financial planning, including the drafting of their will.

If you pass away without a proper and legally sound will in place, everything you have built up over the years will go to waste. The state will decide what will happen to your assets.

Your will must be updated every few years and whenever you sell assets like property. This is also true when you acquire new assets. What happens to the shares you have in a company when you pass away? These and other questions can be answered and dealt with to ensure your loved ones are not left without income or their inheritance.

Our range of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Drafting of wills.
  • Reviewing wills.
  • Consulting on aspects of estate planning.
  • Succession planning.
  • Consultation related to testamentary trusts.
  • Administration and liquidation of insolvent and deceased estates.
  • Provision of a range of independent trustee fiduciary services.

Making use of our firm and its services holds several benefits, such as:

  • One contact point for consultation, administration, and management of fiduciary aspects, helping you to maintain better control over important aspects like your will, trust, and estate.
  • Proper succession planning by professionals to make provision for the future wealth and well-being of your family and dependants.
  • Competitive prices with a fee structure tailored to your needs for will, trust, and estate administration.
  • Well-established and credible national brand infrastructure for support and access to financial expertise.
  • Professional and expert consultation services.

More About the Role of a Fiduciary

In legal terms, a fiduciary is an appointed person or organisation to act on behalf of another person. In most instances, the person works with trusts, wills, testaments and estates. To undertake this role, financial, and legal expertise is essential.

When you entrust your will, trust structuring and administration, estate planning, estate management or administration, and likes to our firm, you have the assurance of well-qualified and experienced professionals providing you with advice and ensuring the best management of your trust and estate according to best practices in the industry, and in compliance with legal requirements.

With the responsibilities and legal requirements associated with the role, you need experts who understand your particular will, testament, estate and trust structuring and administration needs. We meet every requirement of the role, including:

  • Putting your needs and interests first.
  • Committing to perform our legal responsibilities in line with the requirements of the relevant laws.
  • Committing to giving you sound financial advice for the best possible outcome for you as our client.

Where to Get More Information

We are bound by the standards for the industry to uphold your best interests. Whether you need expert guidance in setting up a trust, want help with the drafting of a living will, or need assistance in administration of a deceased estate, reach out for more information about our range of fiduciary services.