Stockbroking in South Africa has historically been perceived as a service reserved for the wealthy and technically astute and is avoided by many investors due to the apparent complexity of the stock exchange.

Efficient Wealth, in consultation with one of South Africa’s top stockbroking firms, has packaged a stockbroking-solution to suit the needs of almost every investor, regardless of your level of expertise, knowledge and understanding of the capital-markets environment.

Our offering includes broker-based, fully discretionary and non-discretionary, portfolio management and broking services, as well as online trading solutions. We deliver these services through an industry-leading electronic platform or through a direct “one-on-one” relationship with a specialist stockbroker. We supplement these by a multitude of value-added research reports, information sessions and personal consultations.

Our Offering:

  • Portfolio management services
  • Brokerage services
  • Online trading
  • Independent research
  • Personal consultations


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